Origins of the Brotherhood

It began in the year 1991 CE, in Tennessee, in Darkpine, where the realm of Dur Demarion now resides, a unit was forged...

The Triad, as it would become known, was originally comprised of five units: The Brotherhood of the Falcon, The Elite Blood Falcons, The Dark Angels, The Church of Tara, and The Knights of Justice. Some of these units still shine in glory, others have become only memories.

But we are not here for a history lesson of our brethren...

As we move forward in time, we find The Brotherhood has endured. We fought, we won, and we lost. Yet, as the years went by, misery and disarray became constant companions to our brethren. What little glory known was but a memory – The Brotherhood had become a shadow of its former self. It was place for the immature to flourish - a place for other units to steal away whomever they chose.

The Brotherhood’s position as a baseline unit meant that the best were stolen away – distinguished leaders taken to guide other glories, skilled champions taken to uphold other banners: and The Brotherhood accepted this – the remaining Brothers languished while apathy ran rampant among what was seen as a second-class Brotherhood.

Despite the best laid intentions of our Founders, The Brotherhood had lost its way.

However, not all was lost. Our Redemption began in the year 1999 CE, in Ohio, in the Realm of Avalon. Louie had stepped forth and become leader of The Brotherhood. He crafted, he shaped, and worked those under his command into loyal and hard-working lieutenants. From the disillusioned, Filth took these lessons and became another national leader.

Years were spent instilling solidarity, pride, and martial prowess as we regained our prestigious lineage. The center of power of the unit moved from the homelands of Dur Demarion, to the sacrosanct Realm of Avalon.

Once again, The Brotherhood was a force to be reckoned with.

In the Spring of 2004, in Ohio, in the Realm of Avalon, Piper became leader of The Brotherhood, as under the strain of "real" life, Louie steps down and out of the unit.

The unit was steadfast and true, but required fine-tuning and keen foresight to navigate the trials ahead. Within a year, the unit was elevated to a supreme level – stronger and victorious against the constant onslaught of malcontent. At this time, Filth realized the unit was reborn and his work was done, and has now retired into "real" life.

We flourished under the reinvigorated leadership. The influential wings of the Falcon spread across Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, and back into Tennessee, and across the open plains to Idaho. Our Brothers rose in rank, many knighted within their own realms, standing as paragons.

Currently, Sir Piper is the National Leader of The Brotherhood, running the unit from Illinois, in the Realm of Numenor. With his venerated second of Sir Mick of Avalon, Lieutenant Wraith in Illinois, and Lieutenant Nazgar from Tennessee, The Brotherhood remains steadfast and true to the edicts of our past, while gearing ourselves toward the future.