Akron, Ohio

Every Sunday at 1pm at Lions Club Park.

Champaign, Illinois

Every Wednesday from 5pm to 8pm at the South Quad. Every Saturday from 11am to 2pm at the field by Japan House. In the winter, practices on both days will be at the Stock Pavilion.

Elgin, Illinois

Every Tuesday from 5pm until dark at Wing Park.

Nashville, Tennessee

Every Sunday from 12pm to 5pm and Thursday from 5pm until dark at Elmington Park.

Boise, Idaho

Every Wednesday from 5pm until dark at Julia Davis Park.

Twin Falls, Idaho

Every Thursday from 5pm until dark at City Park.

Missoula, Montana

Every Sunday at 2pm at Bonner Park.

About Us

The Brotherhood of the Falcon is a fighting unit within the Belegarth Medieval Combat Society . Members can be found in Ohio, Illinois, Tenessee, Michigan, Missouri, Idaho, Maryland, Florida, and Montana.


Chaos War 2015 Dickie vs Shirl Guts Hakan and Shirl's Squire Fight Badrick and Sevi BoF at Highlands of Chaos Opener 2015 BoF at Highlands of Chaos Opener 2015 BoF at Highlands of Chaos Opener 2015 BoF vs. Horde Group Photo from Chaos Wars 2013 Getting Ready for battle at Chaos Wars 2013 BoF at War of the Forbidding 2014 Chaos Wars 16 4-man fight Chaos Wars 16 4-man champions Armageddon 2012 4-man fight Par and Shirl at Manetherin Par wrecks Hendall at Highlands of Chaos Opener Sir Rahvin's Knighting

Origins of The Brotherhood

It began in the year 1991 CE, in Tennessee, in Darkpine,where the realm of Dur Demarion now resides, a unit was forged...

The Triad, as it would become known, was originally comprised of five units: The Brotherhood of the Falcon, The Elite Blood Falcons, The Dark Angels, The Church of Tara, and The Knights of Justice.

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